My name is Bryce Henderson, I am the President and co-founder of the non-profit animal advocacy group No Kill Las Vegas (NKLV) where I have fought for animals who could not speak up for themselves. I led the charge against our local high kill shelter, organizing protests, educating the public, speaking to the media and meeting with local elected officials. Our organization, along with our supporters, eventually forced the shelter to make changes that has led their kill rate to drop from 62% to 20%, saving the lives of over 10,000 animals every year.

Recently, NKLV has worked with elected officials to ban animal testing in the United States, currently operates a successful pet adoption center at the Meadows Mall, campaigned to keep puppy mill dogs from entering our pet stores and delivered humanitarian vet supplies to a dog rescue in Havana, Cuba.

Of course, the injustices we face in our community are not isolated towards animals.  Minorities, children, college students, our environment, workers, women, patients, seniors, ALL of us are at some point victims of corporate interests, apathetic leaders and backwards laws. In today's political climate, with Trump and the Republicans in charge at the federal level, these injustices are increasing at a ferocious pace, we need strong leaders at the state level who can fight back on issues like immigration, LGBTQ protections, recreational marijuana, equal gender rights, net neutrality, Medicaid for all and income inequality.

I am well prepared for this battle as I have been taking on bureaucracy from outside the system for years. Now, however, it is time to go to work from inside the system where I can continue to take on powerful interests that take advantage of those who do not have a voice. That is why I am running to be your State Senator in District 10 as a Democrat.


Animal Shelter Reform

We need comprehensive shelter reform; longer hold periods, mandatory medical treatment for sick and injured animals, and euthanasia rates posted in receiving areas and online. Also, no animal should be killed if there is empty kennel space (with an exception for mercy or animals that are deemed dangerous). In addition, shelters should be prohibited from euthanizing healthy animals simply because an owner does not want them anymore.

If Congress does not allow DACA and TPS recipients to stay in America, Nevada needs to protect them. I propose a state law that would bar law enforcement from initiating contact with a person solely to check their immigration status and prohibit them from detaining someone simply because of their immigration status.     

$15 Minimum Wage

The income disparity in the US between the super wealthy and everyone else is increasing every year. Paying people a livable wage will help reduce the economic gap and enable some people to get off government subsidies. Let's try trickle up economics for a change.  The current minimum wage in Nevada is only $8.25 per hour.

State Lottery for Education

Homelessness in Las Vegas is getting out of control, effecting our neighborhoods, safety and pocketbooks. Currently, there are 6,700 homeless living in Las Vegas and only 2,450 beds. The solution is quite simple - we need more shelters.

San Diego is having a lot of success installing large canopy tents, like we use here in Vegas for conventions, and placing cots in them with adjoining trailers equipped with water. This would move homeless people out of our neighborhoods and into a safe environment where they can be provided with counselors to deal with their substance or mental health issues.

Nevada ranks 1st in most students per teacher, 38th in teacher pay and 48th in per pupil spending. We need to join the other 44 states that have state lotteries with the profits going exclusively to fund public, K-12 education. This could raise an additional $70 million per year. Read more.

To ensure the money will go directly towards education, I will set up a Teachers Trust Fund that will hold the profits from the lottery. The funds will then be paid out directly onto the teachers' paychecks and will amount to about $3,000 per year, per teacher.

With the exception of North Las Vegas, our local municipalities have failed us in the effort to keep puppy mill dogs our of our state, we need a state-wide ban to protect the puppies and the consumers.

I will also fight to end Nevada's bear trophy hunt, outlaw animal traps on public land that inhumanely catch mountain lions, other innocent creatures and sometimes even our own dogs. I will also require vets to report abuse and end the cruel and outdated practice of animal testing.

Now that marijuana is legal, it needs to be treated the same way alcohol is in the workplace. Under my proposal, employers will no longer be able to make hiring and firing decisions based on a marijuana drug test. You still could face disciplinary action if you are working high, but smoking marijuana outside of work will be protected.

In 2016 car thefts in Nevada totaled $104 million dollars with arrests being made in less than 7% of the cases. Using new Crowd GPS technology, the state could provide every vehicle owner, who wished to participate, with a GPS tracking device for about $18 million dollars. This will significantly reduce theft, lower insurance premiums, save consumers money on deductibles, increase arrests and reduce the emotional trauma associated with theft. IMPORTANT: Only you would have access to your tracking data. Read more.

Hi-Tech Crime Fighting

College Textbook Slasher

The average college student in Nevada spends $100 per class on textbooks. Publishers can charge these inflated costs because students are held hostage, they don't have a choice. I propose the state place a cap of $50 per class for textbooks/materials at all public colleges. This will force publishers to lower their prices, offer more books in a digital format and encourage professors to use free open educational resources. Read more

We need to ban the future sale or transfer of assault weapons. Yeah, that's right, I said it, and I don't know why more of my fellow Democrats aren't saying it as well. Clinton got it done in the 1990's and Ronald Reagan supported it. Maryland still has the ban and we can too. We also need background checks with no loop-holes, mandatory training and how about an ammo tax to support gun safety campaigns and those effected by gun violence.

Prohibit Assault Weapons

When future generations look back at us 200 years from now, they will call this time period the Plastic Age, and they will probably still be looking at the plastic straw you sucked on for 2 minutes or the plastic bag you discarded after one use. We need to Outlaw The Straw and Ban The Bag. Paper straws are just as effective and there are many other options for bags that biodegrade in 45 days. This is not a total solution, but it's a start. 

Plastics Enemy No. 1

Natural Health Info Act

Pharmaceutical companies have all the best salespeople, but you know who doesn't: broccoli, cbd oil, Vitamin D, marijuana or how about exercise. Before physicians write a first time prescription for a patient for say, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or trouble sleeping, they should be required to give them an information sheet on some natural ways to help with their health issues.

Candidates that talk about "fighting for seniors," "protecting children" or "being tough on crime" without any real specifics can make you wonder if they have any plan at all. My plan includes specifics on Income Inequality, Higher Education, Shelter Reform, Crime, Gun Control, Education, Immigration, Animal Protection, our Environment and Health. 

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