Can We End Auto Theft in Nevada?

With a vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds in the United States, most of us will have to deal with this violation at some point in our lives. But what if we could prevent most of these thefts? With new technology, I think we can.  


Crowd GPS 

Traditional GPS devices require the purchase of a tracking device, which average around $50, however, the real cost comes from the monthly service fee for the satellite tracking which average $25 per month, you're looking at $350 for a years service.


Crowd GPS is different in that it uses the bluetooth signal from those people around you to find your location. These tracking devices only cost around $17 and there is NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEE. The catch here is that your device will only get pinged when it is within 100 feet of someone else who has the same device. If a majority of the people in Nevada are using the same device, however, your car will almost always be in range of someone else's bluetooth signal. No professional installation is needed, simply hide the device, which is about the size of a quarter, in your car.  

But I don't want the Government to track me. 

The government will not be able to track you.  Once you place the tracking device in your vehicle only you will be able to track it using an app, provided by the manufacturer, on your smart phone. If your car is ever stolen then it would be recommended you call the authorities and give them the location of your car.

How will we pay for it? 

This program will ultimately pay for itself with the amount of money and time it will save, however, there will be an initial investment for the state to purchase devices. If all 1.1 million car owners requested a device it would cost about $18 million dollars, I would like to think we could find that amount in the state's 11.5 billion dollar budget. The cost savings would far outweigh the investment in the first year alone, and the devices will continue to work year after year as long as you replace the inexpensive battery.  

This is the type of creative problem solving you will get when you elect me as your State Senator.

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Nevada Vehicle Theft Stats, 2016

Thefts reported:                                 13,153

Increase from 2015:                           16%

Value of vehicles stolen:                 $104 mil

% Arrests made:                                 6.2%  

% of stolen cars used

in other crimes                                    13%

Find your lost dog too!

Simply place the small device on their collar.

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