States With No Lottery (6)

Is it a coincidence that three of the four states in the continental U.S. that do not have state lotteries, also rank near the bottom for quality of education?

MS - 45th, AL - 49th, NV - 51st           

Quality Counts, 2018

1. If Nevada implemented it's own state lottery, it could generate about $70 million dollars a year for K-12 education.

Reasons to Have a Nevada State Lottery

2. Free will. We are a very open-minded state and I believe, like most of you, that people should be able to do what they want, as long as it does not harm someone else.

3. You won't have to drive to Primm to buy Powerball tickets anymore. I think I just won your vote.

False Reasons Why it is Not a Good Idea

1. "The casinos will never let it happen." Well, with that type of attitude we will never get anywhere. If we can get the public behind this the politicians will listen. Plus, does anyone really think because someone bought a lottery ticket, they are not going to play video poker at their local bar? A state lottery is not going to impact local gaming, they are two different experiences.

2. "It's a regressive tax." That is a strange argument when Nevada has the most liberal gambling laws in the country, but even if it is regressive, it's your money, do with it as you wish. 

Nevada Needs Lotto

"I'll gamble on you Bryce! Here is $20."

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